Installing Ironruby on rails

I was following the install guide for Ironruby on Rails on

So far so good, but when I tried to connect to my SQL Server database using the command…

   >irake db:migrate

I received the following error message

   ** Invoke db:migrate (first_time)
   ** Invoke environment (first_time)
   ** Execute environment
   ** Execute db:migrate
   rake aborted!
   undefined method `columns' for :ado:Symbol
   /lib/active_record/connection_adapters/sqlserver_adapter.rb:862:in `raw_select'

After some searching on the web I found out that the activerecord-sqlserver-adapter was recently updated to version 2.3.4 and is not working as described in the article above.
The tip is to stay with v 2.3.1, but I was not able to find how I’m suppose to downgrade (I’m relatively new to Ironruby and Rails).
After some fiddling around I found out that when you execute the following two statements on the command prompt Rails will work!

   >igem uninstall activerecord-sqlserver-adapter
   >igem install activerecord-sqlserver-adapter -v 2.3.1

Now when I execute the following command, the database is created as described.

   >irake db:migrate

Hope this helps solving your problem!


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